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hass your pet spayed n or neautered & dont lettem **** on the carpet
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i was raised w/ dogs & in my family our dogs are family .. So , This dog here , Her's on probation for the garbage caper & not so much for pisssn on the persian k? .. ever see the Big LeBowski? .. i like the rug .. , Ive had some differant dogs over the decades . & Tyrus the Chaulkie Brn lab .. he hunted hunters cause he loloved our ducks k? .. Then one daay i came home from the brick school & daddy saays Tyrus is in jail agaain & this time it's serious k? He attacked another hunter n this time they took Tyrus away .. i was 12 Tyrus was 4 The hunter who pointied his 4-10 dukk riffle at my dogs ducks i was to find out 10 years later in a tavern.. was in his early 20s i figure when he blew his arm clean the :F&]{ ]{ Offt .. So i was 12 & thast the first & only dog i lost to my neglect k? .. if i wouldnt of went to the school ? .. i of been there to help hide any evidence of any wrong doing k? Oh & this more newer dog i got here ? he's sorta like the border collie /mix thing that baby sat me when i was a lil pup ****** on the rugs & gettin into the garbage k? .. k ty ..carry plastic

Dogs need a lot of time and patience just like any child to keep them outside constantly is not keeping them the way they should be kept they need attention and yes they need to be walked and cared for regardless of you working or not if you don´t want to keep them inside with you what is the point of having dogs at all.It should not matter what kind of dog you have.Just like a human they have needs therefore I think that is what every singel would be dog owner should realise before aquiring any dog large or small.They need a decent life and they deserve to have it too.

What is the meaning of this?What do you mean by don´t let them what on the carpet? if you mean defecate and urinate then no sane and hygenic person would ever allow that to happen on purpose its call walking your dog spayed neutered or entire makes no diffrence what so ever the only thing that makes a real diffrence is walking them and caring for them in every way feeding grooming dental hygene nail clipping brushing them and the occasional bath. Dogs are familymembers and should be kept as part of the family inside not outside ever unless is for the fun of it meaning for play time in the garden. Walk them work with them. Play with them stimulate them above all else keep them safe from harm of any and all kinds.

my dog is adopted & on probation & if he hikes his leg on the carpet ? thast pre-meditated and if i have to i will place him on double probation ..walkies? :lol: I let this MongrelMutt run ..Im tyard we work nights around here .