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I have 2 dogs. They both are so sweet and loveable! I love them to death. In the morning the will lick you to show there love for you. The will sit on your lap sometimes and or lay next to you.they will try to get love from you all the time. My dogs will also try to get you to play with them all the time! They make it hard to do my homework after school because they were left alone all day so they want love and thy want to play so I always have to play with them for a little while at least
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That's sweet I have a cat that wants to play on do everything in the same Julissa go outside she wants to do the same stuff I totally know what you mean insurance claim 47 attention she doesn't want me have time to myself

With animals you can't. I have a lot of animals and they all want you to be with them 24/7.

Lovely well written story. I am thinking of getting one soon, difficuilt to choose which one I like, have to get a book to learn about dogs. xx

Yeah it is difficult. My family has always rescued dogs so we just get what we like at the shelter.so it makes it a little easier.

Yeah I like the idea, I can choose a cute pup or young one at the dogs shelter, wonderfull idear. Thanks for that sweeti

Yep! I like the idea of dogs getting adopted from the shelter so they have a chance to live since most shelters aren't no kill they get killed if they aren't adopted and that's really sad.

Soooo sad if not adopted, have to be put to sleep. I'll make a lot of effort to get one, but it will have to be next month or two. I used to have dogs up to15years ago but they both died of old age then cannot have one due to my work pressures. Gladly I'll be free of pressures soon. Love to have a dog to have cuddles and play with.

Why will you be free of pressures in the next month?? It will be a lot of fun!

Retire early from hard work in electrical eng, good pensions, so hopefully to have a dog and go on many vacations anywhere for me to have excise for myself and a dog to be healthy. Would be lovely friendship to have a dog will be with me all the time.

A loving friend who dose not judge, each day is a new day full of promises and hope, fun and adventure. A Dog a Friend for life dose not ask for much you got my back, I got yours. Dogs have a deeper sense of feeling than any human will understand. They see a seizure coming. They know when you are sad or need help. They never ***** at you for forgetting just move on. Never do you hear "remember when I did this for you ----you are so gross when you fart. A dog dose not have HATE in his vocabulary. If he or she dose they forget about it just as fast. Don't hurt them cause they will never forget just like they will never forget kindness, they got your back and you got theirs. Trust, kindness, and unconditional love.

Oh that's good! Hope you get the dog you want soon!

You will know, there is a connection. I was at a pet store looking for salt water fish because I had a reef tank, I looked down and we locked eyes. All at once he started running towards me and leaped in the air. I caught him he weighed 2-3 pounds he was a miniature pincer red or brown, once he was on my arms he fell asleep. Well 12 years later homeless because the state of Missouri I was living out of my car and my sweet friend had a stomach bug. Animal Protection assoc. In St. Louis the vet said they would take him in for a month and get him healthy so I paid for vet services so I gave them my phone # and told them to call with any problems. A few weeks go by I call and got a run around I go back in to pick him up and they tell me he had a seizure and they had to put him down. I exploded why didn't they call well you get a bunch of morons and they thought I dumped him off. Dogs are prone to an anxiety separation like seizure, that's how much dogs love it's simple and deep. Well I almost put one of the volunteers in a cage. Dogs are considered chattel and though they love you and you them there was not a damn thing I could do. It's been 3 years and the pain is still there, unconditional love.

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