Never have I loved something so much and hated him for being such a bastard too haha. He is a strong willed husky shepard mix that I love because of the sweet moments he has in between being a pain in the butt
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Praise him and show him affection when is good and try not paying attention when he is bad. Huskies and Shepards are both breeds the are usually easy to train and want to please. So if he is a pain he is not getting something he craves. The best dog I ever had was a Sheppard, Irish Setter mix. Super easy to train so be patient and try to figure out what he needs that he is not getting. It may be as simple as needing more exersize

My smooth fox terrier Harry was like that. ohhh, a typical foxie, stubborn oh my. but still such a sweet boy. He was a tripod but one would never know it. boundless energy always willing to fetch his toys and play.