She You Will Never Be Forgotten

i used to have a alaskan malamute mixed with a wolf as a pet. her name was shea. she was born one year after i was so we basically grew up together. i remember running through my grandpas yard with her she would tackle me to the ground and lick my face and then we would wrestle a little bit. shea and i were inseparable we went everywhere possible together. she would always wait by my bus stop when i got off the bus and would walk with me back to my house. but one day i had just got off the bus and i noticed that shea was watching the woods with her hair raised and teeth showing. all of the sudden about 6 wolves burst out of the nearby woods. they turned and with mouths gleeming with fangs they attacked. i knew that i couldnt out run them so i grabbed a nearby stick and waited until the wolves were in range and then i swung as hard as i could nailing one square in the face.then the wolves run away from me, i thought to my self yes i just beat a pack of wolves by my self. but then i noticed that shea was gone. i looked and looked for her, then i heard some thrashing in the nearby woods. i turned to face it then i saw was shea she was lying on the ground covered in lots of blood....i thought she was dead i raced towards her dropping my book bag as i went. when i finally reached her i noticed slight movements in her chest, she was breathing! i kneeled beside her with tears in my eyes and rubbed her right behind her ears (her favorite spot to be rubbed) her eyes opened and she struggled to get up. she licked me on my face and then went limp in my arms; i felt not movement in her chest....she had died. i picked her up and was just about to carry her home when i noticed the wolves that had just attacked me were laying on the ground dead. shea had died protecting me...RIP the most beautiful dog a man could own are very well missed.
ShadowOkami ShadowOkami
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*cry* I wish I could pay my respects *hugs*