Small Dog

So Luna came into my life recently. She's a small pit-boxer mix, tan, white and with a little black here and there. She's very sweet. The right side of her face is white and the left is tan, the very center is black, in the shape of a half-moon. Thus, the name Luna. My mum thinks it was for Lunatic because she is very young and very hyper and frisky.

I didn't want another dog, being that I have a shepherd-mutt mix, Jayne, who is a special needs dog with epilepsy. It takes a lot of resources to care for her as her medications are about 100 a month and she has to have blood tests every three to six months. Not to mention regular vet visits, flea treatments, food and the like. So no second dog! Until now.

She and Luna didn't get along very well at first. I've had Jayne since was a pup and she is not going on eight. She's been the only dog in the house for so long with no other dog friends that she is the Queen. When Luna came, Jayne didn't know what to do. She was fearful, then mean, then growly then finally resigned. They are both laying end to end on my bed right this moment as I type, snuggled up like a ball of snakes.

Luna's funny. She's so lovable and will burrow under the blankets when I lay down and will be like a little heater all through the night for my legs. Jayne, on the other hand, sleeps atop the covers and throws her big butt up on my back to snuggle in.

They are a pair but at this point I'd not trade either of them for anything.
JadenguilOKelly JadenguilOKelly
36-40, F
Jan 10, 2013