My Best Friend;;

I've had tons of different pets, including dogs, cats, deer, skunk, raccoon, rabbit, gerbil, fish, you name it, I've tamed it. Except for bobcat... still working on that. ;)
Anyways, the one and only pet I've ever truly loved and cared for as a best friend was an old border collie. His name was Mac. He was my stepdad's dog, and ever since him and my mom got together, that dog and I had been inseparable. That animal was the bestest friend I'd ever had. I've never had a relationship with anyone like I had with that dog. He was always by my side, always protecting me, looking out for me, and listening to me. I can't even explain the love I had for that dog.
9 months ago, Mac had a terrible stroke that caused major brain damage. He had absolutely no control over his body, and I had to take him to the vet myself to get diagnosed. Now, I'm not a very strong girl, so carrying a 100 something pound border collie from a house to a car is not an easy task. But I did it, and the whole ride there, I was reassuring him, making sure he knew that I was going to be there the whole time. By the time we got to the vet, I was bawling. I had already knew his fate. My mom showed up, and we had made the decision to put the old dog down. Best for him. I was sixteen when he was put down, and he was fourteen years old.
I cried for days. In fact, writing this made me tear up. But this animal was the bestest friend I have ever had. No other pet could ever replace him.
RIP Mac. <3
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Just out of curiousity, was he really a hundred something pounds? That is practically impossible for a border collie. Most are around 30-55 pounds max, with the average being around 40 or less. 55 is a little overweight.

I'm so sorry for your lost though. I understand how painful it can be.

Another tip though, from someone who has worked with wildlife - please, do not buy/tame a wild, exotic species. Instead, volunteer with a wildlife center.

I wish you luck. And you should check out the shelters, there are tons of border collies waiting for your love. People always dump them because they are to stupid to know how to handle an energetic, smart dog.