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I have had dogs all my life since as far as i can remember all diffrent typs big and small but my dog ha she just came into the room there ive had her since she was a lil tiny pup shes a yorkshire terrier lik she only small lik her names coco ive had her for 10 years in july i love her she has epalepsi i dnt no how to spel it jano lik she has fits its auful lik but its funny sumtimes anyway ya ive had boxers, pug, irish wolf hounds, geman sheperds,king charles and a lot more and thats just our own dogs lik my mam owend a boarding kennals and ran a rescuse centre for animals to ya xxxxx
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1 Response Jan 11, 2013

My first dog had epilepsy with grand mal seizures .We ended up having to put him down . I swore of the pain of ever having to loose another dog again .Now my daughter has gotten a apt. that no pets are allowed ! So I now have another dog in the house not by choice but love .