Forest Gump Said: Life Is Like A Box of Chocolates Part Six

I moved to a place that had no fenced in backyard. So that meant getting out and taking Mox and Harry around the block. Got to know my neighbors and that's a good thing. Almost everyone had a dog or two. And almost everyone took care of them. The neighbor on one side of me also had a 3 legged dog so we became fast friends and walking partners.

The years slipped by. The aging of Harry became apparent when I noticed my tri-colored terrier had lost his brown markings. What had been brown above his eyes was now white, his muzzle salt and pepper. Moxie managed to keep her tri-colored appearance. I'd take Harry outside and off leash in my yard. When I called him he ignored me. He'd keep walking. It took a while for it to sink in: Harry was becoming deaf. His eyes had also become a little cloudy. But he still loved to play and chase toys and balls with moxie.

One very early morning I let Moxie out. Must have been around 4:30 am. She did her business and I let her back in. I threw the ball for her and off she went to retrieve it. We played for awhile and she got up on the bed and lay behind me and fell asleep as I watched tv and puttered on the computer. Over the sound of the tv I heard the most god-awful sound. I thought it came from the neighbors behind me. They had 3 dogs that were kept outside 24-7. I muted the tv. All was silent. I looked behind me and Moxie's mouth was partially open with the tip of her tongue sticking out. I picked her up and she was limp. No response. I attempted doggy CPR. She rallied for a mini second then her legs flayed in all directions and she was gone. Just like that. Perfectly healthy and active. Gone in a moment. My vet said it could have been an aneurysm or a heart attack. I now wish I had had a necropsy perfomed. I went online and found a site that dealt with sudden death in dogs. I was astounded by how many pet owners had the same experience. It might have been this one:

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So sad. I'm so sorry for your loss. I've lost beloved dogs too soon in the past, and my current buddy is now with my stbx. I have a hard time reading stories like this because I'm the kind that treats my dogs like they're my child. My heart goes out to you, it's so hard to accept these moments when life seems too unfair.

It is heartbreaking and devastating = especially when it is sudden and there are not health problems whatsoever.