My Three Dogs

I have three Chihuahua's the oldest is a female and she's 8 years old, She is my favorite, about 5 months ago I took her to the vet to get her teeth cleaned. There was nothing wrong with her other than stinky breath. I went to pick her up that evening and she didn't get happy when she saw me but I was told she was fine and it was just from the anesthesia, I carried her out to the car and as I was getting in she started screaming in pain. I had my sister run in to get the vet who it turns out wasn't there so the vet tech came out and said she was probably just traumatized and there was no reason for her to be in pain. So I took her home and I put her on the floor and she couldn't move her back legs at all.
I called the vet and he said to bring her in the next day which I did after a sleepless night and a lot of crying. He told me she had a ruptured disc and it sometimes happens when a dog has an old injury and is put under for a procedure. My dog hadn't ever been hurt. He suggested I take her to the next state over to see a surgeon and stated that was probably the only way she would get well. I called the surgeon and he wanted $5,000 to make her well. Later that day I took her to a different vet after borrowing money from a friend to do so.
This vet put her on some medications and after keeping her in a box and holding her up to poop and pee for 2 months she was able to move one back leg then 3 months later she moved her other leg a little then after 4 months she was finally able to stand long enough to pee on her own.
I worked with her every day to help her walk. Finally after 5 months she could stand long enough to poop on her own, I was never so happy to see a dog poop lol and now she just has a slight limp.
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Jan 17, 2013