I Have 2

Thought out my life I have had a totally of 7 dogs I only have 2 out of 7 like I said before I have divorced parents at my dads there's Milo he is a shah Tzu we have had him for about 2 month now he is hyper active little dog he small which is good and bad and at my moms we have Ichigo ( and no we didn't name him that was his name when we got him) he is a pitbull terrier had him for 2 years he not much of a pitbull at all he want is to cuddle with people thought he done bad thing we still have him around I love both of my dogs
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I have. 7. Dogs. Too

That a lot how boys and girls or all 1 sex

I have. 3. Boy. Dogs. And. 4. Girls. Dogs

Wow out of the seven dogs I had I only had one girl dog and your welcome

Do you like. Trash bags. To hump it. I do

Never put a lot of thought into it

Thank you for tell me

I. Am. On. All. The time. I live in canada

Do u mind if we talk in private

That cool I'm guessing there it cold now

Yes we can. Chat in private

Yes it is cloud out


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