One of Them Died This Morning!

I have always been amazed at how different my two girls are - were.  Both are part Rottweiler, but one is part beagle (H) and one is part shepard (Z).  My wife was totally dependent on one of them (H) who was always a little sickly and didn't run and play much.  I always favored the other dog (Z) who is lively and rambunctious. Well, we found out this morning that H has had a cancerous growth on her heart for a while, and she finally callapsed this morning. We rushed her to the Emergency Vet and she passed within the hour. It was a total shock... but we're handling it.  My wife is in a real bad way, but opted to go to work today anyway. Our wonderful dog will be missed. She was a beautiful spirit and a loving companion. Couch potatoes were never loved as much as this one!

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Hello there I just want you and your wife to know that dog had a wondeful life to have such caring people to live with. Everything will be okay even though its kindof hard to think about it. Tell your wife to take all the love she had for the lost one and give it to those who remains with you. Take care

sorry for your loss, I'm sorry but did you say rambunctious?

Ok so I read it's been over a year since you lost your dog I really sincerely am sorry. I am in a situation with my beloved chocolate lab. I also have 2 dogs 1 is shepard lab x the other my sick chocolate lab. I lost my father in January 09 and my husband in november 09, then dec 09 I lost my g.pig and now the chocolate is sick since march. I haven't been able to breathe I'm praying daily. The vet has not officially diagnosed her with liver disease but it seems apparent to me with all her symptoms, but she is fighting. She really needs an ultrasound to find out the condition of her liver but where I am the only ultrasound that can be done is an hour away and I called to make an appointment as thats the hospital she was at when she was "unofficially" diagnosed with liver disease and since she is displaying all these symptoms again I asked if she needed to be brought in as an emergency so I was told to leave a message for the doctor that was hers and I've recieved no calls back. I'm not sure what to do, I'm stuck here and I have to move by July 16th as my home sold as part of the estate so I have to live in an apartment. I need whatever money I have for moving as I already spent 3500$ on my dog with no definite answer. She is only 4 and I'm not sure how to handle anymore loss or death in my family, I'm stressing about the fact that I haven't even been accepted at the apartment I applied for if I don't get something I'll be homeless with 1 dying dogs a healthy dog an old cat a 15yr old and myself which at 33 my health feels frail, mainly because of all the have any advice for me I could use it?

so sorry for you :(

we were the same when my mums dog susie died she was more than a pet she was a family member she was a rescue dog as well and had a bad start to life but she never ever let this reflect in her nature she was a calm and god dog great with kids and the old my older brother locked himself away when she passed now my mum has a new dog bonny she really funny had her from a pup she is really lively and full of beans different to susie but just as loved

i am so sorry<br />
our bugs the cat walked out and never came back after 13 years<br />
i hope its not a harsh winter this year..<br />
i hope he is in safe hands..<br />
or in God's hands

Your story has me crying..... I lost my part rhotwieler -135 lb. gentle companion of about 12 years---a year ago.... I still haven't got over it. I have a cat now.<br />
I had a dream a few nights ago... My old dog came to me with a little black puppy...the puppy was so real, he had a purple collar with a little bell. I could feel the puppy all cuddly and warm -- I could really hear the little bell ring...maybe I'll find that little black puppy in the real world.

so sorry i know that hurts

I am really sorry to hear of your loss. For just a week ago, I loss my beautiful Lizzy. She was truly the most wonderful dog ever!

I am so sorry for your loss...our pets are family to those of us that understand.

My condolences on the loss of your dog H. As a longtime dog lover, I can certainly empathize!<br />
<br />
You are truly blessed to have E and Z. I know that you will make the most of your time with them.

Just an update, because it's been over a year since H passed away. My wife is totally in love with the dog that we rescued a few months after H died. The new one, E, is similar to H in that she is lazy and likes to sleep a lot. We took her on knowing that she may not last too long because she was so old, but she's surprised us and gotten much healthier and seems even young sometimes. And she and Z get along very well. Small miracles!

My heart goes out to you both. At least, it was quick and not a long drawn out illness. Cherish your memories and treausre your remaining friend.

It breaks my heart to hear of your loss. The thought of losing my dog is disturbing. Just know your not alone and hope your wife feels better

that is extremely sad. i am sorry for the loss of your pet. i do know how hard that is.

I'm so sorry for your loss. I dread the day that I lose one of my pups, but reading your story makes me realize there's always the good things to look back on. My condolences to you and your wife.

Thanks Chelie,<br />
This dog was truly a loving family member, as the other one still is. She will be missed.