I Adore My Dog, and All Other ...

I adore my dog, and all other dogs. For a while I told people I loved cats and dogs equally but I was lying to them and myself. Dogs are like my life companions. They lead me to new places and discoveries. They're incredibly adorable (but so are cats). But when you look into my dog's eyes she's saying "Tori, you haven't walked me today, you haven't fed me today, but you rubbed my belly this morning and then you had a mental break down so I still love you." When you look into a cat's eyes they just say "Are we going to cuddle or what? Cause I've got small rodents to drag around the house and give to you as presents."
wanderkid wanderkid
18-21, F
1 Response Jun 18, 2007

My cat lets me know when she wants to play. Problem is, when you toss her the ball, she never brings it back. She leaves it across the room, runs back to me and says "Mow!"