I Love My Dogs With All My ...

I love my dogs with all my heart.  They are always there for me no matter what and always in a good mood which helps me. 

ReformedAutomaton ReformedAutomaton
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4 Responses Jun 18, 2007

Labs are the best :-)

Mine are all mixed breeds. My oldest male is a German Shepard mixed with Lab. He is awesome. He's my anti-violence dog. He is so protective of all people and other dogs. Anytime people or dogs are fighting (or wrestling, or even giving high fives) he gets upset and starts barking till everyone calms down. My other male is a boxer and black lab mix and is my biggest dog. My youngest is a female and a super mutt.

My oldest male needs help getting in the car too. He's only 9 years old but had some medical issues when he was younger, a badly broken foot. He's doing great though even though he can't move so well all the time.

I have 3...I really only intended to have 2 dogs but I was obligated to take on the third one...I love her to death too but they are quite a responsibility.