Well, I Love My Dog, I Only Ha...

Well, I love my dog, I only have one.  She's a 98 lb purebred black Lab.  We joke that she's a mutant 'cause she's so big (she's just big and tall, not fat)  The vet said she was the size of a 12 week old when she was not even 8 weeks old.  That was 10 years ago and now she's definitely Clifford like.  (She's not really like most Labs, either- hates being wet, is terrified of birds, etc)
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1 Response Jun 18, 2007

My black baby is going on 10yrs old and is a very lean 78lbs. Loves water so much she always wants to be out in the snow and rain...I'm not sure about the bird thing 98lbs is really, really big..but as long as your dog is happy who cares if it doesn't like the water or birds.