I am a sucker for strays.  My Mother tells me that I've been that way all of my life.  Sometimes I think I get along with my animals than I do people.  They love me(read that...I feed them).  They like to hang out with me.  We watch tv together.  We read together.  We hang out in the yard together.  They are great companions.

Right now I have four cats and one very large dog, all of whom were rescue animals.  When I think about having to give them up because of life changes, it feels like I'm betraying them.  To me when you take on the responsibility of having pets, you don't get rid of them because they are not convenient.  You make a commitment to feed them, water them, bathe them, take care of their health issues and house them for all of their short lives. 

lnaschke lnaschke
56-60, F
Jun 20, 2007