2 Labs Make a Family of 4

I have 2 dogs...they are our children really. Permanent 2 year olds as I see it. Axe is a 3 year old yellow lab, that I begged my boyfriend (now my husband) to let me have. He'd never had big dogs and I'd grown up with Labs. Now he and Axe are inseparable. My dog quickly turned into his dog. I wanted a cuddle dog of my own. I happened across a chunky little black lab puppy in front of a pet store. She was too cute to pass up, and my fiance just couldn't tell me no. Axe ignored her for almost 2 weeks before he finally accepted her. Axe and Daisy are now inseparable. She's the most relaxed, laid back 1 year old lab I have ever seen. She's my "cuddle puppy" and loves attention. They are both so smart. Axe can open doors on his own and he's gotten into the habit of weighing if how much trouble he gets into is worth what he wants to go do. They both love to swim and are just too adorable when they crash after a long day of play. They are even learning to spell, G-O and O-U-T.  Both of them are my babies and I won't go anywhere without them. They will protect me to no end; which Axe has proven more than once.  
SilverDewdrops SilverDewdrops
22-25, F
Jun 25, 2007