I Love My Kahuna!

i really do live my dog. she's half rottweiler and half german shepard and also one of my best friends. she's pretty old, probably around 9 years old. i got her about a year and a half ago at the human society and i just fell in love with her. she's the sweetest mean looking dog you'll ever meet. she's also really really lazy.

it's crazy how dogs pick up the traits of their owners. all my friends dogs are exactly like them and kahuna is the same.
everyone says their dog is "human", but that's just how dogs are. they'll give you unconditional love and be forever faithful and dependable. they love you when nobody else does and they always make you feel wanted.

i love my dog and she loves me. without her, my life just wouldn't be this great.

everyone needs a dog, even the people that are allergic.
lazyker lazyker
22-25, F
1 Response Jun 25, 2007

Your dog sounds great. I really miss having dogs around, unfortunately not allowed any in current accomodation. Time to move out me thinks