My Crazy Doggy

My dog is kind of crazy. She is a rescue dog, and is a mutt. She does funny things like at dinner when my dad was giving a tost she decided to get in his chair and like his cake. She is a little princess and is ball crazy. She wanted us to toss it so much that we bought her a machine to do it for her. Also I cant go to bed without moving her of my pillow. She thinks shes a lap dog..... shes not.
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I have a rescue dog too still not sure what breed
Took six months for her to go near husband she was terrified.
Had her five years now very badly treated will not leave the yard even if gate open

She has her own couch by the fire with her bones etc loves the two cats plus the geese and duck settled in very well for an older animal.

But came with a very bad skin complaint not been able to fix. But vet said not in pain. tried Cordizone but makes her bleed so had to stop.

If anybody has any ideas please message me we have tried everything


I have two dalmatians The oldest was given to me when his marriage broke up The other came from Dogstrust UK I adopted her and gave her a forever home in2001<br />
If you love dogs go to It's a great site for all dog lovers whether they own one or not

she sounds cute!