Her Name's Bravo. ...

Her name's Bravo. She's some kind of mutt breed I found on the fourth of July a couple of years ago. I think she's gotten pregnant.
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First of all good you took her in. If you suspect she is pregnant then take her to the vets to have it confirmed. Then you need to look after her start her on puppyfood as it is more nutrisious you will have to see about getting her dewormed ask your vet about that check her for fleas and other external parasites. Then I sugest you start keeping her inside and look after her do not let her roam free. When she has had her puppies have her spayed then you won´t get another unwanted litter Post some pictures of her I might be abel to help you find out what kind of a mix she is. Hope this helps both you and her.

spay her, too many unwanted dogs die in shelters!