My Best Friend Twinkie ❤

It had been one year since my dad had died and on his birthday my family and I decided to go to the shelter to get me a dog. I was excited because I've always loved dogs and couldn't wait to see what was going to happen. I walked down all the rows looking at each dog trying to find the perfect one. They were cute but I just didn't have a connection with them. By the time I got to the last row I was kinda nervous I wasn't going to find a dog..but there she was bald and skinny she jumped up on the cage door and barked and waged her tail like we were long lost friends :) I couldn't wait to hold her! Haha she farted on me the whole time but I knew she was perfect. I had to wait three days before I could take her home became she was rescued from a puppy mill of 72 dogs and they wanted to make sure she didn't have mange. It was sad because she was also pregnant and they had to abort her puppies. Three days later she finally got to come home! I Remeber when she came out of her kennel she was so scared she was trembling so I got my blanket and wrapped her up and we went to bed. I like to think that my dad had sent her to me. She's the bestest friend I could ever have and I love that dog more than anything in the world. She's changed my life more than she'll ever know :)
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Dogs are usually the best friends you can ask for.

i have 2 dogs then i got a new puppy if u wanna see them feel free to ask ^_^

Sorry to hear about your Dad. I have lost both of my parents. Great story about Twinkie!! I Love cats and dogs! For every ending, there is a new beginning! :)

I'm sorry to hear about your dad! But I'm glad you've rescued a fine dog! They really are a blessing. My dogs make my house feel like home and they are always there for you!
I just rescued a very handsome German Shepard and am falling in love with him more everyday!

Thank you for sharing
Dogs make life better

that is a sweet story..I'm happy for you

I was just at the shelter lookin at dogs yesturday haha woof

my condolences on your dad, thank you for getting a rescued, you dog will be loyal to you & your family

Sounds like that dog just got a great home.

Congrats you lucky duck!

sorry to hear about your dad ,however as a dog owner myself if you show love and don't raise your voice in anger to your dog you will have a wonderful relationship dogs can sense people emotions please do'nt over feed and walk it

sorry to hear about your Dad, but this is such a cool story.

that is great. I moved to a new town and had to leave my dogs with the soon to be ex. When I got to my new home, my landlord said he had a dog that needed a home and wanted to know if I would take her. I took her and a week later, I ended up in the hospital. I was afraid that she would run off since I wasn't there. I came home a week later and she was there waiting on me, just like we had been together forever. She is always waiting on me when I get home from work and see me off to work in the mornings. her name is Laverne.

Awwww! :)

What an adorable story here ... thanks for sharing it.

We have 2 dogs, and i dont think i could live without them :D always there when your down looking for a cuddle xd

You know what? I think that your dad did send her to you, too...Hes watching over you and he knew you needed a friend. Your dad will always love you :)

Thank you, that means a lot to me :)

Thats okay. I'm glad you took it to heart. I'm a father and there is no greater love than that between a dad and his daughter. I have two grown daughters and I will love them for all eternity :)

Hey! Your a cutie pie Wacha doing? Add me :-)

What kind of dog did you get

She's a corgi/chihuahua ❤

Nice that's a cool mix. I have a Dachshund his name is Frankie

Aww that's so cute! I've always wanted one of those :)

Ya they are cool dogs

I have a picture of him in one of my albums on my profile

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I am very sorry to read about the loss of your Dad. Dogs are wonderful companions and they give so much more than they take. On a cold night they sure are great to snuggle up with! I am sure your Dad is looking down and smiling. It takes a good heart to love and care for a dog. I'm sure your Dad is very proud of you. He wants to see that you are happy. That's what parents want. Twinkie is very lucky too. Thanks for saving her and giving her a home!

Thank you so much! That means a lot :)

Cool real heartfelt story (and I dont even like dogs) lol
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That's beautiful :)

Thank you :)

Oh wow, that's a really cool story. What kind of dog is it?

Thank you! She's a chihuahua and corgi mix :)

You're welcome. I have a yellow Lab, myself.

Awh :3