Daphne & Lydia

I have two shih tzus. A 5 year old named Daphne & a 3 year old name Lydia.  these dogs mean everything to me. they are always there for me when i'm down or when i'm happy. they pick up on my mood so easily.

daphne is the b * t c h y one. She's not real crazy about other people until she's met them a few times.  She is not good w/ children. But she is a good girl to me. She obeys her commands almost always. I say almost bc what dog hasn't been smelling a really good spot on the shrubs and didn't come when called. She's also a barker but she's usually doing it bc she thinks she's protecting us. She is the best snuggler in the whole world. She takes her treats sooo gently from your fingers. Daphne is also a picky eater which usually surprises people. She won't eat a lot. I can't just up & change her food like I can w/ the other girl. She just flat out won't eat it. And she never goes to the bathroom. Especially if it's raining. No getting her feet wet, thank you very much. lol

Then there is Lydia. She's a toot. :) She will eat anything. She loves banana, fritos, french fries, cookies, melon, she even ate a green olive once. Hey, she thought she wanted it so my boyfriend let her have it. She spit it out but then ended up eating it. Lydia never meets a stranger. Ever. She wants to sniff everyone & everything. Very, very friendly. When my boyfriend to  her for her first walk in our new apartment I didn't think to say anything bc she'd be on a leash. Well, turns out she just went in people's apartments just to check it out. lol. It was a nice day & people had their doors open. Lydia didn't know she wasn't invited. She also makes this hilarious sound when she really wants something. It's like this really fast repetitive grunt. uh uh uh. You'd have to hear it. I laugh everytime. She hardly ever barks or growls. She will growl at Daphne over a chewie. They were in the living room one afternoon & i'd given them a chewie. Daphne dropped hers & was walking over to Lydia thinking she was gonna take it. Daphne's selfish.  My bf & i are in the kitchen & we hear this awful growl. I start admonishing Daph bc i thought it was her. Nope. It was Lydi telling Daph to back the heck up. I was floored.

(I had to give Lydi up for about two years. I just got her back about a month ago so i missed growing up w/ her & seeing all her characteristics. I'd never heard her growl. That's why i was surprised.)

Anyway. Those are my fur babies. I love them to death. Sometimes I think I don't need real babies at all. :)
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Jul 6, 2007