I don't currently own a dog but I want to get one when my house is finished.  And I will love it with all my heart.  I will love it enough to not even put clothes on it!!!

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Not always. It largely depends on the breed and the purpose it was bred for as a first rule secondly there is a huge diffrence between say sight hounds and the working group. Therefore it is vital to know what they were bred for initially. Dogs vary in temperament and purpose as well as energy level. Some love to please their owners others like to be worshipped and served. The canine world is nothing if not diverse. I find that the more I learn about the canis familaris the more I want to know about them.We can never know everything about all of them. Even the same breed have individuals differing from one another. This I find delightful as well as chalenging this is but one facet of learning about both dogs and hounds.

LOL i got a og cos im bossy boots!!! and i think my dog is the best behaved dog EVER!!! lol hes sweet and never barks or makes a mess. being firm and steady with good training and leadership results in a brilliant dog that wins everybody over at first meeting. xxx

Love it enough to treat it like a dog, not a human. Dogs have dog needs. We humanize them. I've made that mistake twice. It results in an unbalanced and unhappy dog. They need you to be their leader before you offer your love and affection. Rules, boundries, all have to be set before you bring a new dog home. Read some books on dog psychology, the dog pack. It's the best thing I every did for my dog. He's a happier, balance animal and better for it.