Sometimes I fear that noone wi...

Sometimes I fear that noone will love as much as my dog does.
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My sweet dog knows more about me than my husband.

Will I might think your right. My safe thing in this world is my Mickey.

I feel like sometimes no one understands me as well as my dogs do.

Same here. It's so unconditional.


I agree with you! If only humans could give the unconditional love that animals do, they love you regardless of age, weight, skin color or anything, they just love you as you are!

Sometimes I worry that I am not loving my dog enough or not making her happy. I have just started reading loads of "puppy literature" and I'm a little overwhelmed at the moment because there is so much to learn. I am definitely a dog person and have always had dogs growing up, but now I have my very own I want to make sure I do everything right. I've always thought that walking every day, feeding, bathing, playing was all I had to know...Oh boy, it seems there is a lot more!!

I don't mind, my dogs love will do. I have different people to give me the different types of love, but my dogs is the best.

i feel the same way...iv been screwed over by a lot of people but i know my dog wont. pets are awsome they never judge they just love!

I fear that I love my dogs more than people. I have a family (whom I love dearly) but my dog is nothing but love. No mental games, no lies just scratch,play,food and outside! I could be in the middle of a horrible day but when she's wagging her tail so much that her whole body is wagging, it all goes away.

I know I love my dog more than people...even the people I am extremely fond of. Dogs love you with no strings attached...unconditionally...bad mood, bad hair day, rich, poor, they don\'t care...just love them and they love you back. People ALWAYS have an agenda.

sometimes i think the same way

hey I am married with 2 kids but i sometimes think my dogs love me more than anyone lol xxxxx

Me, too. I'm positive. Humans can't give unconditional love.