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"I Love to Take Care of My Dog"


This is my story on how I got my new Puppy Rocky, who is a full breed Border Collie, he is at the age of 6 months almost, well this February 19, 2007 was my birthday and I had my other dog Tiffany for 15 years of age, she was a mixed breed with Border Collie in her as well, and she was very sick, it was so heartbreaking, and when she had passed away a day right after my birthday, where I keep saying to myself what kind of birthday gift was that, for my dog to die on a day after my birthday, I was so devastated and so sick over her death, where I couldn't eat for days, she was my life that dog because unfortunately I have no children, and she was my child, she was such a blessing to me and my husband, so when she had departed from us, we were both so sick and couldn't function, because when you awoke in the morning and your best friend wasn't there to greet you or anything, it was so heart breaking, and the feeling was so empty, because  a big piece of our hearts were taken from us, but that day we had gone home and stared to do some research on the internet about buying some Border Collies, and we came across this site and we had checked it out and when we had spoken to this lady she was the most amazing person ever and very sympathetic to our loss, and when she had told us that he dog had just given birth to a litter of 8 I had to go and see, so when I had gone to see her litter of puppies, it was all over for my husband and I, there were so many to choose from, but  there was one very special little puppy that came right over to me and fell asleep right on my arm, and believe it or not, we were trying to look for a dog that looked exactly like my other dog Tiffany, so at the time we had  gone to see all those puppies and when we purchased our new puppy, I couldn't bring him home yet because he was still nursing off of his mother, we were so amazed that his face looked exactly like our other dog,  so that day when I had gone to see my new puppy. and then when we had left him, because he was so young to take home, we decided to go to Atlantic City for the day, and when my husband and I got there the person who works behind the desk said to us, are we ok we looked very sad and very depressed, and then we had told him our story on how we lost our other dog, and he felt so bad, and that we had found the sweetest little guy to fill the void of my Tiffany, that he actually gave us a Suite room for two days that we were staying there and until this very day I strongly believe that when I got to the Casino's, and started to playing some games, where I had actually won a lot of money, not much but it helped,  we strongly  think it was our dog Tiffany that was looking down on us and trying to make us feel better, for all the great love and care that we had given her until her dying days, and she was the one who told us to get this new little puppy that we had bought, we love him to death, but he is still a puppy and very nuts, it will take some time, but the training part is very difficult he is very stubborn but he is learning, and I wouldn't trade him for all the money in the world, he is our little baby and that is our story on how we got our new and precious little Rocky, and now our little Rocky he is at the age of 6 months and he is still a little terror, but I love him, and I have to say he is his own little individual, nothing compared to my other dog Tiffany who was a saint, I loved her so, and I still can’t stop thinking about her, but my Rocky is filling that void and he is the best but he is still learning, one happy mommy, and I strongly know that this was a sign from our other dog Tiffany who was sending us a sign from heaven to get this little puppy, that was her way of saying thank you mommy for taking care of me for all those years in my good days, and in my bad days, and until my dying days, that was her sign for us for being such wonderful parents that we were she will never be forgotten she will always have a very special place in our hearts and that is forever we love you Tiffany and we miss you so much we are very sad without you, wish you were still here to see your new brother who looks just like you.


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Thanks for sharing this particular story.I lost one of my greyhounds in the beginning of June last year. he died in his sleep of a bloodclot in his cerebellum. His name was Connor his story is uniqe and he was such a loving soul. He died much too young but the bond we shared lead me to find and rescue yet another unwanted greyhound who as it turned out is related to Connor and my first greyhound Niki whom I lost back in 1993. She died too young as well.Over the years I have learnt to apriciate the time I have with my sighthounds be it for many years or not. They are soo very precious and the love you get from an unwanted greyhound or any other rescue for that matter is perhaps stronger than when you buy a dog from a breeder not that there is anything wrong with that but there are soo many unwanted dogs out there who just need a second chance purebreds with pedigrees as long as your arm and mutts who just need someone to love.Thanks for sharing your story and know that once you have loved a dog there is no turning away from any dog in need. With all my love and warmth. Greydk and the lads.Greyhounds:Tristan, Darcy and Collin +Mike whippet.

Dogs in the shelters need love too.

What a heart warming story! Thank you for sharing this. So sorry to hear about the loss of dear Tiffany, but as you said, Rocky has been a blessing to you and you are a blessing to him. Border Collies are very special dogs indeed. We have a pure bred Border Collie, Zoey. We were looking for a special family dog and searched online for a brown and white border collie. We found a lady who had a litter but she was 250 miles away. The day we went to pick up Zoey, as we were talking to the owner of the puppies, my husband got a phone call and walked away from me and the owner. When he came back he was in tears and all shaken up. His mother had just been in a car wreck and didn't survive. :( We were so very heartbroken. We were first so excited to be getting a new puppy and couldn't wait to bring her home to our boys. But it was now a very quiet 250 mile car ride back home. The next few months were difficult for our family to deal with the loss of my mother in law. But Zoey brought a very special bright spot to our lives. Zoey helped to mend our broken heart. We thought she would be a reminder of the death of my husband's mother, but really we like to think of Zoey as a reminder of the wonderful, spirit filled, and loving life that his mother had. Zoey is full of energy and vitality (as you know border collies are)...and in fact her name "Zoey" means "life". We did not name Zoey. We kept the name that the owner of the litter gave her. She is a very faithful and obedient dog and our best friend.

I can completely understand this story, I too have border collies one girl (scamper) who's nearly eleven and our new addition, dont laugh( Ichabod) Like Rocky Icky is a handful and a half, but I know that with patience he'll end up being as wonderful as Scamp. They are indeed a very important part of my family and I would be devistated if anything happened to either of them.

I can bark and wiggle to that remark..<br />
<br />
another dog people, <br />
<br />

I am so glad your "story" (Ie: life) turned out well. How is Rocky doing now? Better? Borders are so intelligent & need so much exercise and stimulation. I currently have my dobie in agility training and she LOVES it. She is 11 months old and FULL of energy, she loves to run, run, run!<br />
<br />
I could really relate to your words. I lost my Yorkie Max after 17 1/2 years (renal failure). His last few months were not good and I finally had to make "the decision". It was the hardest thing I have EVER done. I still get upset about it (it was almost 5 years ago). During the week when I had to put Max down, my son was a year old, I was pregnant with my 2nd (a girl) and I had to have a root canal done. I was a mess. Talk about not being able to function. It was aweful. My son kept me going and I told myself I had to eat because I was pregnant. <br />
<br />
I'm telling you if you have never had that "special" dog and then lost that special dog, it's just hard to understand.<br />
<br />
Thank you so much for sharing......<br />
<br />
Dog people are a "special breed"!! he he he

Mswally, your story made me cry and then smile, I know the loss of of a dog(or other animal) is one of the hardest things to go through in life. I lost my first dog when she was 13 yrs old but I gained the friendship of my Merlin, he is now 7 yrs old ( bordercollie mix) and a real spaz. He was worse when he was younger, so hang in there with Rocky :) I know alot of exercise and brain exercise helps. And of course alot of love and understanding but from reading your story, there's no lack in love.<br />
Thank you for sharing your story.

So sorry about your Rocky leaving you, but I am warmed by the story of your love for eachother while Rocky was here. <br />
<br />
Your little Bonny is a bright lively personality in your life now, and I appreciate your sharing how you two are a special pair of joyfulness. <br />
<br />
Thanks for sharing, <br />
<br />

My very special dog Rocky(girl) died (poison)at 2an half years,was devastated,no support,just depression,but 7 years later was so lucky to find Bonny,and we very happy.24/7 we together.The meaning of life is love and fun,plus other stuff,and really a pet( great way to find love and acceptance,its worth the grief,but i do believe that fate is not rushed but happens in its own time.Good luck to you(all)

You dog lovers!<br />
<br />
I like all the stories cause I can't have a dog. I do have a kitten and her independence is what made it possible to have her.<br />
<br />

Hi Silvertears,<br />
How cool is that, you used to have a dog named Rocky, my Rocky he is all black and white, his body is black with some white on it, and his face is white with a perfect black mask, he is the cutest, but he is a real terror he is only 6 months and he is a handful, but I love him and I have a lot of patience, I need that guy Cesar Milan from the dog whisperer, to help me out with my little guy, but as my Rocky is getting a little older he is starting to get a little better but not as much as I would like but it takes time.

I used to have a border collie named Rocky. No kidding. He was black with a brown ring around his neck. He was our pride and joy as well.

lovely story. thank you for sharing it. i could feel how much love you have in your heart.

Shadowmuse, I have to say is that I just met with you, and you seem, I <br />
shouldn't say seem, you are the nicest person I had ever met, and I am so glad that we met because you made me feel very happy again, and I hope I can do the same for you , because you are a real sweetheart thanks for being the special person that you are, take care and be well.

Aww Stacey, you're so sweet! Thank you for the kind words. I added you to my friends' list. :)

Hi Shadowmuse, that was very nice of you to say that, and I could honestly say that you made me cry, because that was something very special what you have said to me, and just to know that there is someone out there with such a great heart like yourself, to me that means something very special to me, and words cant even express on how I feel, or to even say thanks for those wonderful words. Thanks for being such very special people that you are, take care and be well, and have a great day. Please feel free to drop me an e mail at any time at your own convenience at and if it is ok with you can I add you to my friends list, thanks again bye. <br />
<br />

Tiffany was a very, very lucky dog because it sounds like she was loved sooo much, and I'm positive she holds endless, unconditional love for you and your husband. Rocky sounds like a sweetie too and I'm sure he is so happy to have been chosen to be your new puppy.