No matter how tough of a day I've had our dog is always at the door to greet me, tail wagging and jumping around kind of excited. Isn't unconditional love grand?
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I absolutely love dogs. What kind do you have? I have a standard poodle. I had two, but one died suddenly two weeks ago.

I'm sorry to hear that Tasha....they become part of the family...its so hard to lose them
Mine is a Bichon Frise. She is getting old but is still very entertaining. I can't imagine a day without her by my side.

Sound like what my dog does, but he does that for anyone who comes to our place

Nice...big or small friendly dogs are lots of fun. Is he a good watch dog too?

He is medium size, yes he is a good watch dog

Thats good - mine is until someone gets in the door...then she will lick you to death.

I think your dog could teach your wife a few you imagine if she did that when you got home. ; )

lol...that is so kids would definitely be making many more dinners cause mom and dad are busy....again....that would be wonderful!

Nothing like Kraft Mac and Cheese, every

Yes....there is also frozen pizza...grilled my kids can cook...roast chicken is my oldest son's specialty...'re almost there....a little bit of

...oh yeah - I can feel is so close sometimes....I can only imagine how happy of a day that will be for you when you get there too!

Lmao....yes...did I mention I love my kids? Lol....

lol.......almost every day

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That is so sweet.. My two young cats would meowing and rub his head on my ankle and bring me to kitchen..

That does feel good....rub against you..content...purring...

Toy Pomeranian dog whose name is Bella. She'll turn 5 in November.

Very cool. I have a Bichon Frise called Angel (kids named here - she is no She just turned 12.

Wow. That's old for a dog. What kind of dog is she?

Bichon Frise...they are small white house dogs. They can balance really well on their hind legs...kind of like dancing.

Awww that sounds so cute :)

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The best kind! I love my dog more than anything else! I have 6 cats also and adore them too! My Oscar is always there for me -he always understands- is completely happy and asks for nothing! He is the love of my life!!!!! are truly an animal lover. I know you are the love of Oscar's life too!

Yep ! Hes my guy! Sleeps at the head of my bed - and loves all the cats! lol !!! And in fact I think he thinks he is a cat! I rescued him 3 odd years ago and he is the man! All 95 lbs of pure loving sweetness! I know people who think I am nuts but he is my best friend. He intuitively knows when I am down and although he does not "speak" - (so to woof) - he communicates his love with his eyes and consistent unconditional love! I have had many a conversation with him stating "I go first! " ... somehow I think I would never recover with his loss. If something does indeed happen to me first ... my son has said he will make certain Oscar is well looked after.

lol...thats he is actually a dat

Best husband I have ever had ! lol In my older years now... I am really digging the quiet exchange of his eyes. He snores and has interesting nightmares too. God knows what he went through before i found him. He is hysterical ... His nick name is the "gas bag" ... lol He is the "King" of the silent ... but deadly's! !!!!!!!! lol lol lol

I laughed out loud to is all in the you'd be ok with a husband that snored and farted then?

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