Hot Dog

I had a pug a poo and had to give her away because I lost my home this year she is such a sweet dog, only weight a pound or two but I love and miss her I have to find a home for my cocker- poo I had her for 7 years, it is ripping at my heart.I promise her to find a good home fore her she deserve's are man's best friend.

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2 Responses Feb 8, 2009

Thanks a lot

awww, i am so sorry you have to give up your little guy. i totally understand because i had to give up my little babies to once. few years back i had two dogs that i loved so much. i was living with a guy and slowly we fell out of love. i wanted the dogs but the boyfreind at the time didn't want to give me both dogs. i didn't want to seperate them so i left them with him. to this day he still sends me pictures. its sad but they are happy, what more could i ask. <br />
i wish you find a great home for him !!