I Have the Best Dog

I have the best dog. He is an Italian Greyhound.

His name is Mr. Hankie. We named him that because IG's are notorious for being hard to housebreak.  He was true to the notoriety. We would block him off and while we were gone, he would have poop all over the bathroom. My husband was ready to get rid of him but I cried and refused. Ever since that day, he has gone outside! That was about 8 years ago! So instead of Blackjack (his name because he cost us a trip to the casino to play blackjack) we renamed him Mr. Hankie from Southpark.  The name stuck and he is out sweet Mr. Hankie who is a lap and bed warmer. Italian Greyhounds are the most friendly dogs and make the most loyal pets.

JojoWazoo JojoWazoo
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2 Responses Feb 9, 2009

aww, that is a great name! i have a 7-year-old shih tzu named sally, who is still my little baby girl! she was fairly easy to housebreak. she had her moments, but she's just the sweetest and smartest dog. pets are the best!

they are very cute in a dorky kinda way :)<br />
love the name !<br />
i have a rough collie and a sheltie <br />
maximus (collie) because there big dogs <br />
charlie (sheltie) my husband loves charlie brown <br />
max is the easiest dog to house break ever !!<br />
thats coming from some one who has had 6 dogs <br />
shelties are very loving but man tons of work