What's Wrong

Hi, I'm Abby from Charleston, WV. I have a german short-haired pointer. A man and his son walked by my house the other day and it's hard to decide. It was warm and I was playing with my dog(Genny). Well her ball landed in the driveway near the street. When she went to get the ball the man was by the driveway and I heard him yell then throw his sons basketball at my dog. He said she growled at her, but I have a hard time beleiving that. I want to hear from other german short-haired pointer owners who can tell me if this type of dog acts like this or maybe that man was just afraid of my dog for no reason. My dog is very sweet and I am VERY suprised that she MIGHT have done that. Please tell me if that is normal.  

abby25304 abby25304
2 Responses Feb 11, 2009

She didn't get hurt did she? Poor doggie!!!

i have 2 dogs i love them too!