I am an only child who had one dog as a friend (Shotze). For nearly ten years I was dogless. When I moved to Wyoming a friend's dog was pregnant and I was given the female...she was golden,malamut,wolf. A 110lb dog that I held in my hand....she passed away recently. I now have a puppy he is a collie/black lab mix...such a great dog.

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I had a chow and german shepard mix. She was about 85lbs at her heaviest and thought she was a lap dog. She was my first and only dog and I loved her with all my heart. She passed at 15yrs old and Im still not over her. Anyway, alot of people thought she had some wolf in her. She was beautiful, sweet and loving. :) <br />
Sorry for your loss, but happy you have a new love.

I love dogs, I have two chihuahuas. One is a puppy. One of my clien'ts dogs had puppies and they gave me one. My other chihuahaua is going to be 8 in October. She was my Christmas present when I was pregnant with my youngest son. I have pics of her curling up in his carrier. I love all sizes of dogs though. Labs and collies are great kid dogs.

four-legged best friends are the best kind...."'cause Charles knows"

my pup is my best friend :)

The local pond named him Bear (he did look like a bear as a new puppy) My daughter decided to keep the name. She loves animals and she thought an animal name for her dog was alright. " 'cause Charles knows sometimes a dog is as good as any man" -WSP

:D <br />
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What's his name?

he is cute....a real "chick" magnet..."wanna see him?" LOL :)

A collie/lab sounds cute!

thanks he is a sweet puppy...

I had a collie/lab mix once and he was a fantastic dog, so loyal.