It's Only My Old Dog and I - It's Only Him; It's Only Me; a Rescue Dog From the Spca Shelter,


SPCA, Bay of Islands, Rex a old Shelter Dog                                                                               More Info Video:

It's only my old dog and I - It's only him; it's only me; A rescue dog from the SPCA Shelter.                                                                                                                                       More Info Video:


How we got ,,Rex,, Why Rescue??

It's only my old dog and I - It's only him; it's only me; A rescue dog from the SPCA Shelter, We're grateful that he can be a part of our lives, and that he'll spend his final days safe, happy and well-fed."

What could be kinder and more caring than offering a loving home to a sweet senior dog so that they can live their golden years in happiness, having a home of their own and being loved and cared for.


At least twice a month I use to drive to the near SPCA shelter I sit in the pens with the dogs, photograph them, talk to them and evaluate their personality. Then, when I post them on my Trademe and other website, to find more Adoption Families and homes for these poor dogs that are abandoned or abused.

I hear the dogs from far ago already. I know there will be many more dogs in cages and many of them are for weeks and months in this shelter. I don’t like this place very much. The animals sitting in cages in that place and are helpless. They can do nothing to save them selves. They depend on us.

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The general public needs to be re-educated that you do not use the shelters as a dumping ground for your peeing cat or barking dog that you bought thougtlessly in the first place."
Not to mention to all the guys out there, that you boy won't be any less of a dog or cat if they are neutered.


"Many animals are abandoned not because they have behavior problems, but simply because they have become inconvenient...
Basically, dogs are abandoned or surrendered to shelters because they misbehave. Dogs misbehave (act like dogs), simply because no one taught them how to behave appropriately when living with people,, Some get a second chance, some don’t.


Animal cruelty & neglect is one of the things that tears at my heart every time I see or hear about it. Yes, anger is inside me too.


Responsible dog ownership means more than just adoring your dog. It is a serious lifelong commitment that requires time and close attention.

It is vital that you know what and how to teach your puppy, before you get him. Your dog's future depends on it. Some get a second chance, some don’t.


First and foremost, pets are living creatures, capable of fear, love, pain, loneliness, and joy. They should never be considered disposable property, for they should be considered members of the family.

I don't understand how people can have these animals for years & simply discard them like they are nothing more than trash.


Too many people feel that their pets are disposable, and can be dropped off at a shelter if they move to a new apartment, that doesn't allow dogs. Someone will adopt my dog, right?? Too many people refuse to adopt shelter dogs, and the awful truth is, the dogs begin to go insane.


Locked up in that cage, day in and day out, without adequate exercise, eating whatever greasy store brand food is available that day, with other dogs barking incessantly, limited human contact, living in it's own excrement, the list goes on and on.

I have seen it with my own eyes.


Could these dogs be rehabilitated if adopted?

More than likely. so is it fair to the dog to allow it to slowly go mad, wasting away in a cage for weeks, months? Jumping up the wall, pacing, running in circles. These are all symptoms that a dog has reached the end of its tolerance for the situation.


We look down on China because they kill dogs for food.
We kill them for nothing.

I looked at all the caged animals in the shelter...the cast-offs of human society. I saw in their eyes love and hope, fear and dread, sadness, and betrayal. And I was angry.

And every time I been here in the shelter and after when I get home I will hug my dogs Sweetie 9 years and Senta 4 years and let them know how much I love them.


They came from this place when they were pups and sometimes I have tears in my eyes and I know I don’t can take all of them home.  But at the other hand I am thankful for the work they do and the people to run this kennels at least this shelter and this last place for the dogs to go.


Hundreds of dogs that have been saved in the last 12 years by this kind woman where run this place on her private property and try to save as many dogs lives.


But as fate would have it, one dog captured my heart again when I was back on a second time two weeks later and this dog was still her he doesn’t barking incessantly or running in circles like last time but he'd lost even more weight. He was an older dog; the chances of adoption were pretty slim. He’s a big dog and he’s more then 10 years old. Who’s going to adopt him?”

He was lying in a corner from his cages and followed my movements when I try to take some pictures of the other dogs. As often they get so excited at the sight of a human. Because of that lack of individual or One on One contact.

He waits patiently; hoping today will be the day his forever family finds him. But will anyone be able to see how extraordinary this old shelter dog, with the wobbly back leg, really is? He was a gentle dog with soulful eyes and a stately beauty interrupted by a distinguished small scar on his nose.

When I was finish with the pictures and had 12 more dogs for the website and I was looking back to his cages and he was still watching me, I locked in his eyes and decided I would take this dog home he don’t deserve to die in this Cages.


I told the women who take care of this dogs I Would I adopt him and take him now home.


After a short drive we arrived at my home and the other dogs and my wife were waiting at the gate and of course everybody was curious to see what kind of dog I was bringing home. I called them on the way to tell them we got a new dog so they can get everything ready.  When I open the boot from the car he was very afraid and he moved back in the corner so I told my wife she had to go in the house with the other dogs because he was to Scared. I was siting next to him and was talking softly to him and he calmed down a half hour later his trust for Me was building and he Started to licked my hand und I know now in this moment the ice was broken. He was too weak to jump out from the car so I had to help him and I realised now how sick he was. But then he starts to sniff around and I followed him around the house. I showed him his new place and his huge run and left him alone fore a while and went back in the house and talked white my wife and told my dogs they have to be very gentle later when they play together.


But first we had to wash him he smelt terrible and his coat was very dirty and filthy he was Bruised, wounded and was bleeding on his hind leg and I believe this wound unattended for a long time.


It was Extremely late at Night by the time I gave him an intensive wash to dress his wound and check his body for more injuries. I decided to Put some cream an, and go to the vet in the morning.


Later my wife made him some special food but he didn’t touch it and so we trayed to introduce him to my other dogs so In the hope they would rather eat together, He was depressed and wasn’t eating.

I guess he was too tired then he had a long day. He was just lying down in his doghouse enjoying his peace and silence without all the other dogs barking.


I was siting next to him and cuddling him and now of course we had to find a name for this dog I tray many and had check his reaction when I call him Rex he was full excitement and that how he got his name Rex. It was after 12 when I got back in the house and got to bed and I was so tired.


Next morning when I woke up early, 6 o clocks when I got up my first thoughts was Rex my dog. When I look out the bedroom windows I saw him lying motionless in the paddock in pouring rain. I don’t know how long he was lying there after midnight when I was checking on him he was in the house. But maybe he went to pee and couldn’t find the way back or he was too weak to go back in his house.


I was yelling, I woke up my wife grabbed a blanket and ran to him and carried him in the house, I placed him next to the heater. Rex looks not Very good at all.


We try to towelling down, and his body temperatures were very low and my first impression was he was dead but his eye was slowly moving. We try to give him some hot bouillon soup to bring his body heat back to normal,

I called the vet we know him quit well and I told him the situation and 10 minutes later we was in the clinic.


The veterinarians believed that he had a neurological disorder and even maybe he could have some cancer in his joints he was Underweight and malnourish and the blood tests show us he had a very high stress level.

He was absolutely appalled at his condition, but they could not take away his beautiful spirit.


Emaciated to the skeleton, this big dog had only 25kg he was bruised und wounded had a bad skin condition he had some infection.

He wasn’t expected to live very long in this condition. The Vet explain us what we could do, first make some test and then I had to make the decision because if he have cancer in his Peripheral nerves or spinal cord or damage or he have nerve degeneration from multiple sclerosis and other degenerating diseases.

Its noting we could to for him and we had to give him his,,last dream,, and relief his pain and put our old friend to rest.


He took some x-rays and told us any vertebral misalignment or fractures can be seen within minutes. When he come back with the x-rays he explained us he is lucky and fortunately he doesn’t have any form of cancer but he has other problem and has some bad infection in his testicular.  It’s not easy because Rex it’s a old working dog and he needed surgery now. 


“The vet said to me, ‘Even if it doesn’t work out, even if you only have him for two weeks, at least he’s had a vacation from the shelter.’ He was just the most wonderful dog. So we left him on the table and I told him before I Said don’t give up my ,,old dog,, then now he will have a new better life.


A few hours they call us from the clinic und let us know everything’s was fine and the operation went well. Rex was sleeping now and needed some time to recover. I was just very happy and was waiting many hours to hear this good news. 


I was so nervous and couldn’t wait till the evening so I decided go to the vet and cuddle him and hold his paws. Later after the vet checked Rex again, and told me In the Next few days he need lots of rest and only very small portion of food.


The first week I spend 24/7 with him and I slept next to him and fed him every few hours and carried him outside. In only a few weeks he perked up and is now healthy weighing 40 kg He is intelligent, very affectionate. He just loves his cuddles and being told he is a good boy, he is fit and healthy now and runs around with the youngsters like a spring chicken.

He still seems happy, now and I will give Rex a wonderful retirement home.

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Every day, our Rex is teaching us that love is a gift, no matter how long.

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thank you for your story i love animals and wouldnt take anything for my 2 little darlings!

This is a wonderful story. It reflects my own experiences that I've had in the past. I have never gotten a shelter dog, but I seem to find "dogs in need" in my own community. Everybody calls me when they have a sick or injured animal. Not to mention the calls at all hours for me to come get a dog that someone found and don't know what to do with it. You and your wife seem like wonderful people, and God will bless you in so many ways.