cats can't show you their love like dogs can!!
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That is incorrect... Cats and dogs both have their own ways of showing you affection.

yes they both show their love differently but cats don't jump up and down to greet you, they don't bark at the sound of your voice.!

My cat did

She even did tricks for treats

well then you're lucky.

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I agree

Prepare or the crazy cat ladies to rip this apart. For the record I completely agree cats are jerks lol

I don't think it's harsh at all.

It's not harsh to call out those who are actually that way. Not all cats are stuck up, and not all ladies who love cats are a tilt off of level, but stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason. It's what you do with that stereotype that matters. And that where you have to draw a line.

There is no question the way a dog looks at and up to you. That's the reason they are persons best friend! I have two, a yellow lab and a greyhound and no cat could ever give me what they give me. Don't get me wrong I like cats. But they have to be cool cats, and friendly. Aloof does nothing for me, and in my opinion most cats are aloof and demanding.