Learning to Love Again...

I have 2 chihuahuas, both of who I love with all of my heart. They are different as nite and day in personalities, 1 is a very sweet loving sociable little spirit, I found her 5 yrs ago on the brink of death, she was completely immaciated and had been abused, when I found her I took her to a vet who said she wouldn't make it, and she nearly didn't, but I visited her everyday and within a week she was doing much better. She now actually belongs to my mom, who was paralyzed by an anurism followed by a stroke 7 yrs ago, and whom I take care of. the dog(her name is chichi) immediately bonded with mom when I brought her home from the vet. The other chihuahua, his name is pepe, is not very sociable at all, he barks and growls at almost everyone who comes over, I have had him since he was 6 wks old, He has never known abuse a day in his life(except when I refuse to give him people food) very few seem to like him much, but he's my baby and I wouldn't take all the money in the world for him. He has such a sweet side to him,as the family members and friends he does accept can tell you. he knows when I'm sad and won't leave my side till I'm in a better mood, the same if I get sick. he loves to hog the bed at night, but always manages to leave me a corner of it. He loves to play with me, he always demands to sit in my lap when I'm sitting down. He has the most amazing beautiful green eyes, and pure love shines thru them when he looks at me. He snores when he sleeps, but he is probably the only dog I've ever known that tries to share his food with me, he brings me 2 or 3 little pieces of his kibble when I feed him, and practically inhales the rest. I just can't imagine life without him, even tho I swore I would never have another dog after I lost my best friend of 14 yrs to canine cancer. Pep came into my life about 3 yrs after I lost warrior, as a gift from my daughter who said I needed to stop grieving and start loving again. I took one look at pepe and as he looked at me with those amazing eyes I could feel the cold in my heart start to warm a bit. he decided at that very moment that I was going to be his new mommy. 3 yrs later, he's my little brat but as I said I wouldn't trade him for the world. I think warrior had his paw in on sending pepe to me, my life has been so different since then and so much for the better!

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I enjoyed reading your story so much. Your life with your best friends sounds so much like mine. <br />
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I watch other people's dogs in my home when they go away and have built of a large clientele over the past 6 years. My one and only rule is that their dog must be submissive with other dogs and people to stay here. <br />
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My own doggies are the worst of the bunch! I have to put my little Havanese in another room before people come in because there's a good chance he'll bite out of fear. He was rescued by me at l yr.<br />
and although he's come a long way, he's still frightened of people. So many friends have asked me how I can stand having a pet like him but what they don't see is his loving side. He's sweet, kind, and so submissive with us. He wouldn't think of walking through a doorway without letting me go first! Never taught to him just his role here. For us, he's one of the kindest, gentlest little souls. We like to call him "the best little bad dog in the Country"!<br />
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My Lily is a little Yorkie that spent l6 months in a puppy mill. She had a litter and needed to have a hysterectomy so she was of no use to them anymore. I rescued her just in the "nick of time" as the executioner had set his date. She's been with us since August 2008. She is not friendly with people but over the last year has shown some interest. She'll gingerly approach someone and take a sniff and then run away. Last month, I brought her to the vet. She was on leash when we walked in. She became so upset once inside, she actually jumped on my lap and stayed there, wanting comfort. She melts my heart when I see her trust me that much!!<br />
My newest addition is a foster. I've had her since Sept. after spending 8 years in a puppy mill and having many litters. She's a little Lhaso Apso,(SP?). She's learning what it means to be loved by people and not considered no more than a "tool" in her owner's barn. She's so happy now and dances all around when I come in. I'm not so sure I want to give her up anymore.<br />
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Anyway, I enjoyed your story. We love our pets as we love our children. They may not be perfect but they're ours to love and protect.