The Hair Monster....

His name is Kodiak and he's a newfy. He is a rare chocolate brown and simply adorale. Unless he's drooling on me or Scratching at the screen door.

BUT, I've had him since 02 and he's been dragged to three different houses.

Lovely animal. Perfect personality. Curious, and very intelligent. Obediant.


DunkelAugen DunkelAugen
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3 Responses Feb 26, 2009

i have two...the old man is a german-mix and the puppy is a black lab-collie mix. My old girl passed recently, she was a golden,malamut-wolf. a real interesting dog who was always protective of my daughter.

my bf use to have one of he has two chocolate labs

I envy you! They are such beautiful dogs. I want one. :-)