Dakota-The Big Old Puppy Dog Girl!

Dakota is one of my best friends.She is really my sister's dog,but I kind of consider her mine too.She is the biggest sweetheart and very smart.Dakota is half rottweiler and half black labrador.She wieighs about 100 pounds and very muscular.Picture a very big black lab with colors like a rottweiler and thats Dakota.

She gets very little attention over at my sisters house.They tend to forget about her.I would take her but I cant have pets in my apartment.Whenever she sees me coming though,she knows she is going to get to go for a walk.More she takes me for a walk.Man that dog can pull.But just a light tug on the leash and she heels.She gives a low half growl/half bark when she someone she knows outside the window as if to say "Hello,how are you today!"as her tail wags like crazy.

If she doesnt know it's you at the door she barks very loud and rushes to the door,but she would never bite.In fact she has cowered behind me at times when other dogs approach.What a big baby,lol!There is another dog a few houses down named A.J. who is a mutt,a plain old mutt.Him and Dakota are buddies,lol! They just sniff and play a bit.Then A.J. goes back to what he was doing.

She is very well trained and obeys all commands.My nephews and I trained her.And what intelligence.One time there was a package from some hamburger on the floor from the garbage.I looked at her and said sternly her name.LOL!This must have been hours ago,but Dakota just put her head down and cowered away to her corner and lied down.What a good dog.

She is ten years old now and I hope my buddy has many years left.Ill be very sad when she dies.

irishknight1973 irishknight1973
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good for you . there is nothing like a relationdhip between man and their best friend!