I Have a Rescue Dog

I rescued a beautiful creature from an abusive home and she in turn, has rescued me many times over. I have always been surrounded by animals since I was born and believe they are a nessessity to me equal to water,air,food, etc. My beautiful dog is so full of love/trust and willingness to please despite the abuse and neglect she went through. It amazes me how anybody could treat such a wonderful, innocent creature with cruelty. Humans really are the Beasts, aren't they?
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1 Response Feb 28, 2009

I couldnt agree more!Animals are almost in our lives for a REASON. I cant live without animals.No home is "HOME" without a pet.Ive grown up with pets all my life,they are a necessity to me. I lost my husband 3 months ago,and our dog is one reason I havent killed myself yet.We rescued her,she was a shelter-dog,who was abused/neglected by her previous owner.We saved her,and now she's saving me.I need her.My husband was my LIFE,but our dog is saving mine now.It sickens me to think people can abuse/neglect animals.They are life savers.