My Hades


My Hades is insane in 14 days he will be a year old but he is still crazy he runs around our back yard doing laps my god he is fast I want to take him to the race track, to see how fast he can run but mum won’t let me lol but he is so cute and loves everyone he plays with the cats but the cats hate him and hiss at him and spit at him but he jumps around and barks at them wanting to play with him he is crazy, he sleeps with me, and pushes  for a tiny little dog he wants the whole bed and tries to take it he spreads out and pushed he legs against you and tires to push me out of bed but he loves to walk and sniff but last night I took him for a walk and he finally started to **** his leg I’m so proud of him my little boy is now a man   

bubble24 bubble24
22-25, F
Feb 28, 2009