Miss a Friend


 I used to have a puppy. He name was Kianne. She was the sweetest puppy there was. Cute little lab mix….with Dalmatian and husky in her.

The only trouble was, that I didn’t actually own her. She belonged to my coworker. Every day though, he would bring her to work, and leave her in the office with me. She was such a cute puppy, but as all puppies do -she needed a lot of work. I trained her, and played with her, and kept her out of trouble during the day. I loved her a lot.

For about eight months this routine kept up. Then my coworker decided to quit his job and leave town suddenly. The next two days were sad, as I knew he was taking Kianne with him. He left with her that week.

A couple of years passed.

Toady I received a phone call out of the blue and passed it off to the person the caller asked for.

I heard him talking into the phone. “Jim! Haven’t heard from you in a long time. How are you?”

I knew it was my old coworker!

I asked across the room how little Kianne was doing.

I almost wish I hadn’t asked.

Apparently she hadn’t gotten along with one of Jim’s friends, so he killed her. Just like that.

Why didn’t he get rid of her, or give her to someone else?

Why did he have to kill her.

I miss her….a lot.



She’ll always be in my heart, but it’s not the same, knowing she died young.


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3 Responses Mar 3, 2009

Thanks for commenting PuzzleGuy.....<br />
<br />
Jim was the one who killed her...I really don't know if he "put her to sleep" or otherwise. <br />
<br />
Anyways....well, for what it's worth, I have been feeling empty, alone, and sad lately....it's nothing new though, I seem to feel that way alot.

I'll probably be mad at him later....but right now I'm just sad. She was so sweet, and never hurt anything....well, except bugs she loved to snap at flies. <br />
<br />
Great, thinking about that makes me miss her more....

Crikey. :( I don't know what to say now.. that must have been devastating. Out of the blue as well. In work. i hate that, bad news in work.. and she sounded so adorable.. I know how attatched you get.. and like you. I can't understand how people can treat them this way, it is so uncivilised. :(<br />
of course they stay in our hearts forever.. and that's why I just can't understand people like that.