Best Friends

When everyone lets you down and life feels like a waste of time.,  there is something very comforting about a wet nose on your arm, dog breath on your face and a big heavy lump of a dog who thinks hes a chiuauaua   , on your lap.!

Watching the dogs frolic in the surf, chasing over the fields, or the tired, panting , smiling face that says "that was the best walk ever and i love you unconditionally... now whats for supper?"

All these things improve my day.. nay.... my life.

cornishchick cornishchick
41-45, F
1 Response Aug 15, 2007

You are a hundred percent right, they are the best thing that ever happened in this life, they are always there when you need them, and they always make you feel so good when you are down in the dumps, it is so amazing that this animal can give you only the one thing that you want more in this life and that is the unconditional love that they have for us, and never answer us back when something is wrong, that is why sometimes I feel like I shouldn't say feel like but in my eyes I love them more than a human being, how can anyone ever be so cruel to such a loving, and caring animal who loves you more than anything in this world, and always depends on it's master, to be there for them in their good times in life, and bad times in life, meaning when they get sick or something and for us taking care of them and they give that special love that they always have for us and that is their way of saying thank you for being there, so how can anyone in their right mind be so cruel to such a special animal, to me that person should be tortured the way they do it to their own dog, or another dog as well.