And I love him to bits.

For years I have been looking at photos of dogs and wished I could one day get the opportunity to own one. From the age of 7 I had been asking dad on a weekly basis for a dog, but he always said no. Even though I was lonely a huge part of my childhood, he'd still refuse to get a dog.
When I was 16 I was looking at a few shelter websites, longing after all these dogs and then I came across this photo. I smiled happily as I saw this adorable creature and obviously I had to click the image to read more about him. After I had read the story and seen his pictures, I was in love. He was in a shelter in Portugal and was about to get shipped to Sweden the following week, but he had no one who could take care of him. He needed a home ASAP. I immediately called dad and told him about he dog. I cried and said how lonely I was and that I promised I would take full responsibility for everything, including the costs. Finally, he said yes. I was ecstatic. For over a decade I had been begging, and finally my wish was about to come true. We sent in an email and soon I was on my way to Stockholm airport to pick him up.
The flight was supposed to arrive at 10 PM but ended up being two hours late. I was so nervous and joyful. I was literally shivering with anticipation. When he finally arrived I was so nervous I could barely speak properly. I ended up stuttering and it was all just so awkward. They handed me his passport then gave him to me and left. I was overjoyed, just a few days ago this had just been another dog on a computer screen, but now he has my family member. I ended up taking him outside for a walk and it was so chaotic... He was scared of everything, and I was so nervous and unsure of how to deal with a scared dog. He was after all my first dog, and I was a very careful person and didn't want to act without knowing exactly what to do. I didn't have a smartphone either, so I couldn't google the issue.
He didn't want to take the stairs, and e was scared of both escalators and elevators. I tried luring him with treats, and I tried dragging him with me, but nothing worked. It took us an hour to get to the train station, where we would have to spend the night.
Madley was nervous and wouldn't sleep. I made him a bed with my jackets and a blanket and then I pet him until he finally fell asleep. I didn't want to sleep because I was scared he would escape or that someone would do something to us (as there were about 15 people sleeping there.) I stayed awake for half an hour and then I accidentally fell asleep.
An hour before the train would arrive, I was awoken by the sound of Madley's bark. He was barking at a kid that was sitting by the table next to us. I got up and we made our way to the train. After 6 hours of nonstop whining, we were finally home.
Madley was scared of close to everything at first. I googled the issues and tried various methods of dealing with them. After three days he reluctantly followed me up/down the stairs and into the elevator. After one month he had almost no issues at all with it. And today there are no traces left of his fear.
The only issues he has nowadays is that he's still a tad too hyper. This is an issue when we meet other dogs, as he can come across as aggressive. We're still working on these issues though, and he's making great progress!
I've had him for about two years, and I will never be able to repay him for the things he's done to me and my life. Before I got him, I would spend months without going outside for even a minute. I could lay in bed all day and not even eat or watch tv. I was a mess, and I was on the verge of suicide. People say I've rescued him but in reality, he rescued me. He helped me get a healthier life, and he helped me find my calling. I want to work with dogs for my entire life. I want to walk in Cesar's footsteps and rehabilitate dogs. I also want to help numerous dog organisations and raise awareness about stray (and sheltered) dogs.
I want to make a difference.

Long story short: This is Madley. He's an ex stray dog from Portugal with a 2" underbite. (I find it absolutely charming, and he seems to have no issues with it whatsoever.) I love Madley with all my heart, and the pain of loosing him would be greater than the pain of loosing my mind.

This dog saved me. I want to repay that favour by saving dogs for as long as I shall live.
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I love my dog, he's my friend and workmate. I look after him really well and get him the best food cos he deserves it. Rudi he's called