Probably the best dog I've ever owned. #huskynation
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It looks that way because I put my face right up to the camera, dingus. Ever heard of perspective? Evidently not.

"Please get the **** off my page."
Yeah, you really sound like you don't care.


Mmm, nosy? Nope. Try again, Skippy.

For those of you who don't know, the author was acting like a little kid and he decided to delete all of his responses to make it look like I was talking to myself.

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What a Love ..a true "puppy face" if I've ever seen one :)

Oh, I love huskies! Those eyes!!!

Me to, I have a all white female husky named Aurora, she's so annoying sometimes though but I love her anyway

huskies are amazing dogs!

didn't see the picture, he's gorgeous! lucky you :)