I am 36 and do not have children.... but I do have a labradoodle! I have always had labs and my husband previously had standard poodles. After getting married we chose a labradoodle. When I picked Porter up for the first time he looked at me and snuggled up and into my neck. He was so mellow- I told my husband to get his check book out!

   Porter is now a year old, 84 lbs and just as mellow and huggable as he was the first time I picked him up. He is amazing! He never chewed things up, he doesn't bark and he does exactly what I tell him to. I just love him. He loves to go everywhere with me and is so well behaved that he can. He may be a little spoiled but he deserves it!

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1 Response Mar 8, 2009

Awww, thats so nice, doggies really can be our best friends, sounds like you have got a true and loving friend for life =)