No More Dogs!

 I have a dog who weighs 4.5 lbs. and her name is Gemma.  Both my husband and I, in our early 60s now, have had dogs since the day we were born.  Obviously, it was our parents who owned our first dogs, but we loved them dearly just the same.  Ever since we met we shared stories of our childhood dogs with each other.  His was a Royal Standard Poodle named Sherry who had ten little black puppies when he was a little kid.  Mine was an Irish Setter named Sandy who my father hunted with and who kept knocking me over by wagging his tail when I was a little kid.  We went on to have other family dogs, him a Dalmation and me a German Shorthaired Pointer.  

And, then when we married we had two of our own by our first anniversary, an Irish Setter and a rescued Brittany Spaniel.  Over the years we acquired a Black Lab, a rescued Yellow Lab, a 7 lb mixed animal shelter dog, and a cast-away miniature poodle. At times we had two at the same time and at other times we only had one.  The last dog, the miniature poodle, passed away two years ago at the age of 17.  My husband vowed there'd be no more dogs in our life!  He couldn't take losing them when they got old, anymore.  

After a year went by I missed having a dog so badly that I began to hint around about getting another one, but he remained adamantly against having one saying that the freedom we now had to come and go as we pleased was a good thing.  I pointed out that the "quiet house" all the rest of the time was a bad thing!  And, so it went for almost a year.

 Then one day two girlfriends and I were going to a distant pet store, but they couldn't make it so we postponed our outing.  My husband chirped in that he'd go with me "only to LOOK at the dogs".  And so we crossed the state and went to the pet store.  We looked at the 8 week old frisky dogs playing, we petted the adorable fuzzy little ones trying to get our attention, and we held and cooed at some cuddly ones, too.  We let them kiss us, we watched them play with their toys, and laughed at them romping with each other.

Then.....the pet store woman brought out a teeny tiny 2.5 lb. 4 month old nervous, scraggly, shaking mess of a thing who was on sale because no one seemed to want her. In my secret wish for a new dog I definitely wanted a black dog.  This sorry looking poodle was all sorts of colors wrapped into one dog with a white face----and her eyes were runny and crusty on top of it all.  She couldn't stop trembling and shaking.  All I could think was what a mess!  The exact kind of dog every book tells you NOT to pick!! But my husband held her close to comfort her and now I suspect he fell in love immediately.  He sat there with her tucked into his jacket for close to 45 minutes and she finally stopped trembling.  

Long story short, after two days of deliberation and coming up with all sorts of reasons why we should never get involved with a young puppy and our dog-less life really was a whole lot more convenient, we made two more visits to see little Miss Trembles, who was starting to REALLY like cuddling with my husband, by the way. And, so you know what happened---we bought her!  We realized she'd spent her entire first 4 months in a cage, so we spent the first few months slowly introducing her to the world outside that cage while at the same time making her feel loved and secure.  Noises scared her, large spaces scared her, outdoors scared her, public places sent her into frightened shivers, even a soft wind sent her into a tizzy.  But, sure enough, little by little, and with great persistence on our part, she blossomed.  

Gemma's been our little baby for over a year now and she's a beautiful and frisky ball of self-confident love.  There's nothing she doesn't love.  Our baby has love to give to everything, children, adults, other dogs, and especially us.  She loves a car ride, an airplane trip, a romp in the park or at the beach, and any other adventure life sends her way.  All 4.5 lbs. of her loves to jump to the top of our living room chair and play watch dog.  She loves laps, snacks, birds, bugs, squeaky toys, and life itself.  And, wow, do we love her!!!!!  She's brightened our lives and brought us more entertainment and laughter than I ever would have imagined.  

From time to time I'll take notice of a very familiar sight in our house now, my husband, Mr, "No More Dogs", carrying around our little fluff ball or spoiling her in some other way.  And, I'll think to myself, I've really got to go get MYSELF a dog now!  :-)

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You are rescued and so is your new dog.<br />