My dog zeke and I went to a music festival. There was a baby goat being walked by a child. Zeke went crazy, barking. Every time he saw it. I had to take him out of the line of sight so he would stop. I even introduced them, zeke sniffed it's backside and the goat tried to kick him. That did not help zeke like him. The child walking him also seemed to walk near us just to see the chaos. I joked that zeke was saying "what is it? It doesn't smell like a dog. It doesn't walk like a dog. It doesn't even speak dog. Whatever it is I don't like it."
Badina Badina
46-50, F
1 Response Sep 2, 2014

My dog met a donkey once and was completely dumbstruck by (I guess) the sheer fact that another animal could be so BIG. The donkey really liked my dog, though.

We always try to make sure our dogs get along with other dogs. But I never thought about other animals. If raised on a farm, I guess a dog would react differently. Nice to know the donkey found a friend. B-)