My Rock Star

I never really had a pet of my own as a child, and have had several pets<small dogs> stolen. So when we decided to get another dog.. I prayed! I wanted a smart attentive loving dog. I was blessed with that and then some. He has the funniest personality. He smiles at me when I need it. And the things he does have me in a constant giggle. he is a dobbie,lad, chow mix. His name is Rockie. I myself call him rock star. I think the Lord picked a perfect star and gave it to me in my loving friend and companion. no matter what mood I am in he is always there with a nudge of the nose to let me know he appreciates me as much as I do him.

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4 Responses Mar 13, 2009

update: I have been aw miss him terrible. He has always been there for me and i feel as though i am leaving him behind. I really love him and I wish that I could change things. He came into my life and made me smile brighter and laugh harder than i ever thought possible. I put ice in his water so it is cold and I know that is not being done for him right now and the little treats if any are not the right ones, no-one knows him like i do. others can care for him sure and maybe love him. I however will never be the same.

thank you ..he truley is my best friend.

Oww. You are so blessed! Dogs can fill your life with so<br />
<br />
much love!!! he sounds like a great dog.

That's the great thing about pets! They give us unconditional love! As a pet store owner, it's great to hear such a positive story about human/animal bonding!