Story of My Dogs


At the moment I have two dogs well actually me and my partner have two dogs a Jack Russell and a Labrador.

 My first dog I hade was across between a chow and a Doberman he was a real character I taught him tricks by feeding him peanuts, I remember  he slept on the bed with me sometimes leaving me very little space to lie, I loved him with all my heart and when he trotted around like a show horse he made me smile……The day he died it broke my heart he was with me 13 years………

After that no pets for 15 years until I met my partner who had two miniature dachshunds called Benson and hedges after the cigarettes, they were brothers but hedges was big and strong and Ben was small and petit  when we moved we nearly lost hedges he stopped breathing from the medication they gave him to sleep for the 18  hour journey, I remember giving him mouth to mouth at a truck stop along the road and how I laughed and cried when he finally came too and started running around needless to say he drove us insane the rest of the way while his brother had fun in dream land.

 One day we walked past a pet shop and saw 13 Labrador pups in the window they were adorable first mistake we made was to go inside. The litter was to big for the mom to handle and at 4 weeks they had to find a home. I did not really want another dog but this one came running straight to me tail wagging my heart melted and we took Sandy home she has been with me for 7 years now a real gentle giant with a pretty strong will sometimes, she is starting to have problems with her joints I hope it does not get any worse I cant afford a vet.

Anyway sadly about a year ago we had to put both the dachshunds down with in one week of each other ,both there backs gave in a problem with the breed they just become paralyze it was so hard to see them both one day running around happy and the next just lying there unable to move there mind healthy but there bodies gone I had to ask someone to take them to the vet to be put down I could not get over my heart to do  it myself amazing how they crawl under your skin and into your heart………..

 My lab Sandy seemed very sad and alone after they were gone they use to play so much…..Anyway life sent us a little gift in the form a 9month old Jack Russell called Gaudi here owner was unable to take care of her anymore and asked if we wanted her we could not say no she was so sweet. It was touch and go for a while whether we would keep her as my lab and her seem to be butting heads and could not get past the I want to bite you part, eventually they made peace it does get a bit uptight sometimes when one oversteps the boundaries. I nearly lost Gaudi on Christmas day my Labrador attacked her I could not believe it we were playing with the ball like always and the next minute something snapped she grab the jack russel by the neck and shook her like you can not believe gaudi was just yelping I tried to get her off but she did not want to let go I eventually got my hand in her mouth and forced her to release it was blood every where and the cheeky gaudi event tried to retaliate I picked her up and the sandy nipped me on the arm I chased her away .She has ripped one of the veins from her neck and it was just blood I took my shirt and applied pressure for a minute I did not know what to do I was alone  It was just me and the dogs for Christmas my partner went to the family. I ended up with her on my lap applying pressure to the wound racing 30 miles to town to find a vet. I eventually found one it took him 4 hours to repair the damage she had tubes and 64 stitches she had to stay over for the night the next day I took her home because I could not afford to keep her there but for the next 2 weeks I drove her to town everyday so he could clean the wounds and drain them. because it was holidays I had to help hold her every time, normally I don’t have any problems with blood and gross stuff but every time I went I broke into a cold sweet felt like I was going to vomit then I went numb all over and nearly passed out the weirdest feeling I ever had…….

 They both ok now hope it stays that way …….So that’s the stories of my dogs ………..

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You have such a precious heart to love and care for these animals like you do. I too love animals and alot of people don't understand.

You have such a precious heart to love and care for these animals like you do. I too love animals and alot of people don't understand.