I Have...

the sweetest dog ever! ok at least in my mind lol

she is a full blooded rottweiler, named sasha. she is awesome!!! i love my dogter ;)

she is a lovable teddy dog. she loves both my kids. she thinks they are hers actually. i just brought them home for her to take care of. she is very gentle. and likes people. she is a riot too. she snores when shes asleep. she plays by herself, she will throw a ball or frisbe and she will go get it and do it all over again.

i really like the rottweiler breed, i think that is what i will be getting from now on actually.

now, i have another dog, kinda... it is my parents but i claim her too! she is a mutt, black lab/chocolate lab mix. her name is amy. she is sweet too.

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3 Responses Mar 23, 2009

Oh she sounds so sweet! <br />
<br />
Most dogs are, but rotweilers are especially.

when i got her i made sure that i socialized her! she is gorgeous!!! (she is snoring right now right across from me)<br />
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i hate that rotts have a bad wrap. every rott i have i ever met are sweet & gentle giants.<br />
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she is just wonderful and i love her to pieces. she was my first kiddo ;)

rotts can be the most loeable dogs in the world as long as they are loved and not tought too do that evil dog fighting... they are bread true too there owners and will protect no mater what.. and they are pretty dogs too