He Is My Snuggle Bug

Winchester is a 110lb Chesapeake Bay retriever. I got him from my best friend who has his Mom and Dad and sister and brother too. We picked him out of the 9 pups that Kallie and Triton had. He was this lovable, cuddly, ball of ***** that melted our hearts :-) not to mention that he was the second biggest and to this day resembles his Dad a lot!! He comes from a great lineage of Chesapeake Bay retrievers and is a great hunter in his 1 year 3 months of age.

He came home to us in January of 2008 after being born the day after Thanksgiving 2007. OMGosh were the boys excited about having a puppy. Cameron and Colby just fell in love with him as he did of them. Even to this day he does his rounds at night to check on the boys and give em a sniff as well as me just to be sure that we are all "ok." He hasn't mastered the protection of us quite as well as other dogs but I do know he would protect us if he saw that we were not "ok."

Winchester is the snuggle bug just as the cat is. But its a little easier to snuggle with a 15 pound cat as compared to a 110lb Chessy. He lays in such a way on my bed that I end up spooning him as he lays on my body pillow in front of me.

He has become so much a part of the family that I cannot imagine a day where he won't be there......we were blessed the day he came to us and has melted our hearts ever since :-)

*note: he is a bit of a trouble maker at times but my kids do that too and I still love em :-) LOL

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1 Response Mar 23, 2009

hi, I think your story very nice.<br />
it's good that children have an animal friend to help to grow. dogs are like small children, if they do something naughty you can hardly become angry at him or her.<br />
you melt if you see innocent big brown eyes and you love him even more hahaha.ze steal your heart.<br />
Dogs are very loyal and have no or jaloersie Hatred.<br />
My dog is my best friend in good and bad times! Give your dog a hug from me!<br />
For you and your chlderen God bless and have a good and happy day!