I Am a 15 Year Old Mommy

I am a mommy of the perfect baby boy every. He is just so great. It sucks to be a 15 year old mommy cause u never know whats going to happen. Which one of ur friends ur going to have to say u cant hang out with next. i love my son more than anything in the world but i have no life. i do school over the internet so i can be home with him. keeping me from seeing my friends at school. His daddy is around but we dont live together cause my mom is a ***** and doesnt want him in my life anymore. but he is cause i just see him when i am with my dad

my parents got divorced right after my son was born. sometimes i think we made it harder and that y they got a divorce. but i know its not true. my birth mom is a ***** and my daddy didnt want to deal with her **** anymore. i mean she stalks him. and stuff shes crazy i think. i mean she said she hasnt loved him for years then asks if they can get back together. idk shes just weird i guess

i am going to bed i will finish in the morning. lol

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1 Response Mar 25, 2009

Errr..... What does this have to do with having a dog???