I Have a Best Friend.

I love my dog!  He's a black Pomeranian; he has a small white goatee.  If I could take him to work I would but I don't think that would go over well.  I know there is a child/parent day but is there a pet day?  I really miss him during the day and wish I didn't have to leave him.

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3 Responses Mar 27, 2009

In the winter months (North Florida) I can usually take my dog with me. He does love to ride in the car. In the hot humid days, it is just too hot. It would be easy to be tempted to take him on short errands but I know how unsafe that is for him. He is a black cocker spaniel and his coat does radiate heat even more that lighter colored dogs. We will keep his coat cut down but it just makes him look like a black Lab puppy with long ears. I really wish I could always have him with me.

True runna! I love my dog so much. He goes everywhere with me. I would be lost without my puppy.

he sounds so adorable! my dog is the love of my life! i miss her like crazy when i'm away at school. i wish dogs were allowed in dorms. they couldn't do any more harm than some of the human "animals" around here!