I'll start off by saying that Chester is an awesome friend.  He's an english Mastiff, and loves to follow me every where I go.  If I go outside, he likes to sit by the glass door, and smack it with it's paw until I open it for him.  He doesn't come outside, he just doesn't like that pane of glass seperating us.  He loves to pick stuff up, and always tries to hide it when I catch him.  One day he took my shoe outside.  As soon as he saw me, he put it down, and sat on it so I wouldn't see him.  Can normally tell when somethings up though.  He always gives me the same confused look when he's been busted.  He also likes to bring me rocks and tree branches as trophies from his hunting campaign out in the back yard.  He always looks so proud that he caught that rock for me.  When we take walks he has a tendency to get into a shoving match with me.  So more often than not,  we're always pushing for space over who gets to walk on the sidewalk and who walks in the grass.  Right now I'd say we're tied.  When he sleeps, he tends to wimper in his sleep, and wake himself up alot.  So more often in the night I get awoken to a giant snout in my face with a big kiss.  This would be great if it weren't 3 a.m. in the morning when he likes to show his affection.  He also has this thing about catching my feet when I walk by him.  Not sure why he does that, but he really gets a kick out of it.  He loves playing in the mud, and really loves bringing that mud inside.  He is a bit of a drooler, and has occasional gas,  but he does them both well and that's what counts right?  He loves going to the dog park.  He makes sure to go up to everyone there and get his pets.  He usually makes 4 or 5 rounds like that before he's exhausted.  When it comes to the other dogs though;  He greets them and all, but freaks out if they're too hyper.  One thing I like is to give him a dentabone every now and then.  As soon as he hears me calling, he forgets all about the doggy door, and runs right to the glass door.  He then proceeds to press his nose up to the glass and lick it a few times, before I have a chance to open the door and give it to him.  Sometimes he likes to be sneaky though, and keeps it in his mouth wanting me to think he didn't actually get it.  He has gotten me a couple times like that before, so this is a usual routine for him now.  I'd have to say Chesters favorite hobbies are, eatting, sleeping....... sleeping some more, and playing catch.  I'd say fetch, but he doesn't understand the concept of I want it back, or maybe he understands to well and just wants to keep it.  Either way, that's my pup Chester, he's a 9 month old english mastiff, and growing everyday.

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He sounds so cute.